About us

Just before this company was created, all the people who are part of it were out and about, being formally educated, collecting life-experiences, trying new things.

It was the need for connection and professional expression that brought us all together and inspired us to form our media company in Spring 2001. Along the way, our identity changed to come and settle with the jazzy W82. Today, we see ourselves as a moving database of knowledge, talents and shared interests!

Geeks? Geniuses? Hard-working individuals? Crusaders?

We are all that and more!


Our brilliant members of the design team
know what’s hot, what’s trendy, what’s current, what sells; they will work with you to identify your needs; they will deliver more than you hoped for and then some more.
They’re good people, a little annoying at times with their constant “I have a great idea!” moments, but no one’s perfect and we care for them, flaws and all.
Oh, we forgot to mention that they love photography, theater, architecture and good wine (and they are disgustingly good in all of them). Artists, right?


Our genius developers
are more inventors than programmers, really. The average developers of an average firm will ask what your business does and that’s it.
Our own guys are different: despite what you know about “computer people”, the team of W82 actually communicates with the outer world!
They will absolutely amaze you (kill you?) with thousands of questions about whatever it is you want developed and then they will deliver thoughtful, effective and superb applications.
And boy do they deliver! And did we mention that, despite some very bad rumors that developers always deliver late, our team actually delivers on time?
We also have to let you know – or else we’re dead – that they love hitting those electric guitar chords in front of live audiences… go figure!


is becoming a trivial or boring word. Our customers however never felt bored with our marketing and customer service experts! They know what they are talking about – and they even take “no” for an answer with no offense!
Our customers immediately feel at home and have a strong sense of connection and ease of communication. Our team will discuss needs and technologies and solutions, business strategies and opportunities; competitive advantages and measurable business value will also be served in the right dosage.
Once connected – always connected… Even after your project is complete, they will still work with you for adjustments, marketing effectiveness and overall satisfaction. They cook, they watch too many TV shows and they are gym rats, exercising those muscles necessary for current and future market wrestling!

It’s been almost 15 years and we still have fun doing what we do best:
making you look great in the digital world and reflecting your successful business on digital mediums.

We heart the things we do for you!